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Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) Training Course – “The Influence of Big Data and Telecommunications” Was Held in Shanghai  

  On the morning of November 19, Asia-Pacific Telecommunity Training Course – “The Influence of Big Data and Telecommunications”, hosted by APT and MIIT and organized by the East Institute of CAICT, was held in Shanghai. Mr. Zheng Zhongbin, Vice President of the East Institute of CAICT, addressed at the event. Ms. Niu Xiaofang, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Development Division chaired the Opening Ceremony. 15 trainees from authorities, telcos and institutes of 10 countries (DPRK, Maldives, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Iran, Viet Nam and China) joined the 10-day training course.

  Vice President Mr. Zheng Zhongbin congratulated to the training course and welcomed all trainees. He said that APT training course is an important measure to enhance capacity building in developing countries. The East Institute of CAICT was very honored to organize this training course and was of great responsibility. In order to organize a high-quality training course and promote cross-region and cross-sector cooperation, the East Institute of CAICT took the attitude of “Sincerity and Professionalism, Serving the Asia-Pacific” and customized the train course based on its technological advantage and expertise, helping the ICT industries in Asia-Pacific to achieve sustainable development goals.

  Mr. Zheng said that East Institute of CAICT became one of the five training centers of APT in China since last year. The main trainees are officials and professionals from ICT industries. Under the guidance of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information as well as other authorities, the East Institute of CAICT serves as a think tank and R&D platform for local governments. Its business areas cover telecommunications, Internet, integration of informatization and industrialization applications. Meanwhile, the East Institute of CAICT takes prospective approach in the industrial Internet, smart cities, AI and big data, intelligent connection, information security, and communications. It provides government and enterprises with decision-making support, testing platform, testing certification, consulting and other services as well as solutions to promote 5G and new generation of ICT industrial applications, digital transformation of the industry, the development of smart cities and smart societies in Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta. Mr. Zheng also wished that all trainees could deepen the friendship and build up the bridge for communication through the training course to help with their future development. He also hoped that this training course could become one of characteristics of the international cooperation for the East Institute of CAICT.